Life is a story of longing, a story of wandering. We're never quite here or there, always traveling but never arriving. What you'll find here is an account, from my side of things, of those travels. 

I'm not assuming authority on anything, only sharing notes taken along the way. These notes are about observations made from life in general and how faith intersects with it all in particular. 

What you won't find here, however, are any arguments in defense of the Christian faith or attempts to prove the existence of God. This is for two reasons. First, I believe only God can prove the existence of God and, second, such arguments aren't in my wheelhouse but have been written elsewhere by others more proficient than I. 

So, welcome. I'm Jon. 

A military brat, I was born and raised in Europe before my family settled in the States. 

I love a good story. And if that story is found in a book, all the better. Rarely can I find a cup of coffee deep enough, and wish every bowl of pasta would never end. 

My wife, Isabelle, and I live in Atlanta, Georgia with our rambunctious dog, Digory.